Searching for loads, including your preferences
Setups with new broker companies
Bidding with brokers
Broker credit checks
Dispatching the driver during trips
Ordering Insurance Certificates
Controlling accounts payable
Also, many other bonuses


  • You are the only one to decide to take the load or not. We offer you the best loads but you’re always the one to choose.
  • We work with the loads for the most common trailer types such as Dry-vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, Stepdecks and conestogas.
  • Our experienced dispatchers easily make contact with brokers what helps us to get great loads.
  • Taking in account our skills and effort we are often the first ones to reach the broker with a good load.
  • Each driver has an individual dispatcher assigned to his truck.
  • Our teammates always negotiate with brokers to get the best option for you. Though, you're the one to make a decision.
  • You won’t ever have to call several times or stay on the line for a long time to reach a broker anymore.
  • A dispatcher assigned to your truck will always be in touch with you.
  • You can delegate the decision to the dispatcher you trust. It’s very convenient in case are a company owner with several trucks and employees, and do not want to be bothered with an everyday routine while you’re on a vacation.
  • Saving costs by not hiring unnecessary employees and renting offices. Very cost-effective strategy.
  • Payment for our services is made at the end of each month or twice a month depending on which option will be more convenient for you. You don’t have to pay anything in advance. That way, you can be completely sure that you will not be deceived.

WindroseFreight is a company that specializes in trucking all over the United States of America. We’ve been successfully doing business on the US market for more than two years already and are cooperating with a number of companies. Our team consists of experienced dispatchers that are always ready to help. We specialize in providing services to small and medium-sized trucking companies. We do everything that depends on us to make your business as profitable and easy-going for you as it might be. OUR RESULT – YOUR PROFIT.


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